10 Ways to Sell Your House for More Money

Have you recently thought about selling your house, but were afraid that it would not earn much more than you currently owe on the mortgage? Many people have this fear, but with just a few fixes, almost any house will be able to fetch far more than what is still owed to the bank. What if you knew that a few touch-ups could earn you $20,000 on your home? What if you could earn $40,000? It would be worth it wouldn’t it? Implement these ten tips and you might be able to do just that.

1. Tear Down the Wallpaper

If you live in an older home and have a few rooms that are still wallpapered, please, tear it down already! It most likely doesn’t look appealing and your prospective buyers most definitely don’t want to have to mess with it. By taking it down yourself and painting the wall a neutral color, you will most likely add thousands of dollars to your final selling price.

2. Update the Kitchen

The kitchen is always a very important room when it comes to selling a house. If you have old appliances and ancient cabinetry, you might want to get an upgrade before putting that “For Sale” sign in your front yard.

I know what you’re thinking, “This is going to be expensive,” but it doesn’t have to be. You can find some very nice appliances at scratch and dent stores, and your cabinets can be upgraded with just a little bit of paint. If you aren’t confident that you can handle this upgrade yourself, there are installation services like those you can find at http://www.rona.ca/en/install-services that can handle many of your kitchen upgrades for you.

3. Keep the Yard Neat and Clean

As they say, “You only have one chance to make a first impression,” and that first impression will happen when the prospective buyers roll up in your front driveway. If your kids have toys all over the yard and the bushes are out of control, there is a chance that they never get out of their car. Keep your front yard and front entrance incredibly appealing as it could be an immediate deal breaker.

4. Install Brighter Lights

This tip is incredibly simple and cheap, but it can make all the difference! A brighter house makes it look more appealing and will also make it look larger! Replace your existing bulbs with some higher wattage and you might get that higher offer you have been looking for.

5. Stage the Rooms

Nothing discourages a buyer more than if they don’t understand what a room is used for. If it is your formal dining area, be sure to have a formal dining table there (even if you have never used it before in your life). If there is an area that can suit an office space, rent a desk and office chair and stage that room as an office. If you make an area obvious, the buyer will stop thinking about what the space is used for and will use that saved brainpower to conjure up an offer!

6. Take Down the Family Photos and Rent Some Art

You want your buyers to see themselves in your house, not you. As cute as your kids may be, take down those family photos and replace them with some generic, wholesome art. Not only will this change allow your buyers to picture themselves in your house, but it will make your space appear more sophisticated.

7. Always Be Ready to Show

Keep your house clean at all times, because you never know when a buyer will be ready to walk through your house. And, you never know which looker will actually become your buyer. This step is often the most difficult and will take much effort, but it is utterly important.

8. Use an Experienced Realtor

There are so many sellers out there that think they will save themselves money by selling their homes themselves. It just doesn’t work. When a buyer sees a “For Sale By Owner” sign, they immediately think “This house should be cheap because they are saving themselves the realtor costs”. Also, by listing a home without an agent, you are discouraging buyers agents from showing your home to their clients (because they most likely will receive no payment from you in the event of a sale). Do yourself a favor and find an experienced realtor. They will be able to sell your home for top dollar and in a shorter timeframe.

9. Have an Inspection Before the Listing

There’s nothing that can kill a sale faster than a bad inspection. To avoid all of the back-and-forth hassle deep into the negotiations, get an inspection yourself before you even put the for sale sign in the front yard. This way you know there won’t be any surprises in the event that your buyers purchase an inspection and you will ultimately earn more money with the sale.

10. Be Sure the Fragrance is Inviting

As part of the first impression, when the prospective buyers walk into your home you want the smell to be inviting, not obtrusive. Buy some air fresheners or bake a few dozen cookies. Create an aroma that adds to the overall nature of your home.

Are you ready to sell your house for more money?

How to Decide What Size of House is Best for You

In recent years, the mantra in the world of housing has been “bigger is better.” It’s also common to be told that you should buy “as much house as you can afford.”

For many homeowners, this type of thinking results in a large house that may not be necessary. Many people were shocked to discover that we could have bought a home that cost twice as much (and was, presumably, twice as big) as the house we are now leaving behind. “Why wouldn’t you get a bigger house?”

The reality is that we neither need nor want a big house. In fact, our next move is going to be into a smaller apartment. We realize that we don’t need a lot of extra space. As you consider what house to move into, think in terms of what you need for size, rather than basing it entirely on what a lender will let you borrow.

How Much Space Do You Need Now?

First, realistically consider how much space you need right now. What types of activities do you commonly participate in while at home? Does your family spend a lot of time together in common areas like the family room and kitchen? Those areas might need to be large, while you can get away with smaller rooms.

You can also consider how much space you need for bedrooms. Can some of your kids share rooms? Do you need a home office? Perhaps you need a guest room because you have a lot of company.

In our case, we are moving into an apartment with three bedrooms, even though we only need two for sleeping. The third bedroom is going to be a combination guest room and office, since we know that we will occasionally have company stay with us, and I definitely need an office so that I can effectively run my business.

Carefully think about how much space you will actually use on a regular basis, and go from there.

Will You Need More Space in the Future?

The next step is to figure out whether or not you will need room to grow. If you are just starting a family, and you plan to have more kids, or if you think you will add pets to the mix, you might need a bigger home.

Of course, that only applies if you expect to stay put for a while. If you think that you will buy a home and stay for seven to 10 years, it can make sense to get a slightly large home to accommodate what you hope will be a growing family. If you think you will move in the next couple of years, though, there is no sense in getting a big home that you aren’t even going to use.

You can also consider the virtues of having more land outside, versus having a home that takes up most of the lot. You might find that, for kids or for pets, a bigger yard is better than a bigger house.

Carefully consider your options. While it’s tempting to get a big house for the status it conveys, that’s not always the wisest course.