Green Tip #242: Sharing Toys

Anyone who has looked after kids knows that they have short attention spans. Moreover babies grow at such a rapid pace in their first year that a toy that was intriguing and difficult to manipulable one month is easy and boring the next. So you go through a lot of toys, keeping them entertained and aiding in their development. You can spend a lot of money on 1st year kids toys.

SPF and I have bought toys both new and used and received others as gifts for lil’ SPF.

I was recently very happy to discover a toy library in town recently. It is part of a government subsidized family resource center which hosts drop in playgroups every week, teen parent support suppers, baby massage and sign language classes among many other great services. Kids can rent 2 toys and 3 books per month. Lil’ SPF and I have taken out a couple of toys now and he seems to enjoy them.

Not every town has such a program but if you don’t you could start one! Either through an existing family center such as ours or a church group. Or perhaps even simpler, set one up with some other parents you know with kids around the same age and trade toys. The kids will be happy with these “new” toys and you won’t have to spend a ton of money.

Added bonus as always with our Green Tips: less resources, production and shipping which helps our environment. Back to the good old days.  Win-win.

Would you think of using or creating a toy co-op?  How about borrowing toys from the library or trading with other Moms?

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