Saving the Bottom Line with Credit Card Perks

If you’re a small business owner, you know that every penny counts when it comes to profit and loss. Whether you sell high-tech gadgets or casual clothing, you need a clever way to build benefits with your spending habits. The rapid rewards credit card showed up as one of the best on the comparison tool by allowing you to purchase critical items and services for your business while accumulating points for deep discounts in the future. Use your credit cards wisely to benefit the business and employees.


  • Traveling Employees: Many companies have several traveling employees, from trade show representatives to field salespeople. They must always have credit or cash on-hand to pay for gas, client lunches and other critical business interactions. Using one collective credit card account, pass out employee credit cards to your trusted workers. They’ll spend the money as they usually do, but they’ll earn points for each dollar purchase, depending on the card. Encourage them to use credit wherever they go to keep the benefits rolling in. It also reduces the threat of lost or stolen cash while on the road.


  • Move On In: Always read the fine print when you agree to a business credit card. There may be initial perks that expire quickly after the first few months. For example, there could be a lucrative balance transfer deal to gain points without charging new purchases. There is always a fee associated with a transfer, but the point totals may outweigh the fee cost. Consider your overall savings if you transfer a credit amount. An older card could have a smaller interest rate than the rewards card, but the earned points on the transfer could equal more income or discounts. Each business and owner has different goals for success.


  • Flying Perks: Because many rewards cards are supported by airlines, you’ll see the most benefits from flying purchases. Some cards even double the points for each dollar spent! However, you need to book flights directly with the airline. Avoid using travel agents bundling flights with third-party companies, for instance. It’s incredibly easy to book a flight online. Ask your employee to book their own business trip. They can select the flight time and layover cities. This freedom motivates employees to work hard because they have some control over their business traveling.


  • Pay Yourself Back: Every business owner has their own goals for accumulated points on their credit card. Try to use the points throughout the year on car rentals, for example. If you have several clients visiting from out of town, you could have discounted or even free rentals for everyone to drive around freely. You’ll look like the generous entrepreneur when you’re simply cashing in on points. Hand out gift cards to hard-working employees or pay for a hotel ballroom rental to reward everyone after a busy quarter. For most card point programs, you have a lot of flexibility during reimbursement.


  • Keeping Track: If you ignore the rewards portion of your credit card, you still have exceptional business benefits from an accounting point of view. Almost every credit card has online access, giving you a real-time view of charges. Group the charges into categories to see where the money is flowing. Analyze the information to cut down on expenses or to pinpoint great deals that should be explored further. Employees no longer need to fill out expense reports because the history is printed on the statement. Time savings and expense accuracy improve business efficiency greatly.


  • Those Extra Savings: Your employees will be thankful for traveling ease with their cards. For many programs, there’s priority boarding and free checked bags. Employees that travel most of the month don’t have to worry about fighting the crowds or paying even more for their luggage. Even change fees could be waived which is a huge perk for business travelers. If you miss a flight or have business plan changes, change fees add up with busy workers. Businesses stay on budget with extra travel savings.


  • On The Lookout For Bonuses: Applying and receiving your business cards isn’t the end of the savings. For many programs, bonuses pop up during the year. Creditors notify you by email or postal mail. Keep an eye out for any bonus offers. They are often short, but lucrative. You could plan a large purchase around this bonus to receive thousands of points that can be applied to the next large purchase. The key is to plan ahead and look at the big picture. Contemplating your business’s needs six or 12 months from the present date helps you budget all company needs.


The old saying states that you need to “spend money to make money.” This adage is entirely true, but you don’t have to use liquid assets to pay for all business needs. Build your credit and card point totals with a strategically chosen credit line. You’ll find that some services pay for themselves over time.

4 Things You Didn’t Know About Online Investing

At this juncture in the 21st century, people from all walks of life are using the Internet to deal with a wide range of different types of personal and business matters. A growing number of people are utilizing the Internet for the purposes of online investing. Four significant advantages are realized through online investing.
Savings on Investment Fees and Costs

One of the things many people did not realize is that online investing permits a person to save a good deal of money on transaction fees and costs. Indeed, the savings is larger than what is even available through discount brokers in the brick and mortar world.

Highly Personalized Investing

Another of the benefits that can be realized through online investing is that an account can be highly personalized. Even though real world investment firms, including discount brokers, frequently advertise that they provide highly personalized service, this customization simply cannot compare to what an investor is able to do through an online account and brokerage.

Quick, Reliable Information Resources

One of the keys to successful investing, to making money through the investment process, is having ready access to reliable information and data. This represents another of the primary advantages a person realizes through online investing. The typical online investment options provides a person with a plethora of resources through which a wealth of vital information and data can be accessed with ease.

As an aside, online investing options today provide their clients or customers with useful apps. Through these apps, a person is able to obtain alerts which necessary information becomes available about the market or a specific investment — alerts that allow a person being better informed and educated when it comes to investment decisions.

Convenient and Well Controlled Investing

Finally, on of the four most significant advantages of online investing is found in its convenience and its ability to provide a person a great deal of control over the investment process. Through online investing, a person can initiate buy-sell transactions from the comfort of his or her own home — or anywhere, thanks to mobile devices. Moreover, an investor can maintain direct and effective control over his or her entire investment portfolio.