The Best of Money Carnival #135 – It’s a New Year of Money Edition!


Welcome to first Best of Money Carnival of 2012!  We hosted this fantastic carnival a few times last year: here and here and are honoured to be hosting the first Best of Money in 2012!

First, there was no Best of Money last week (holiday break) which means there were a slew of entries to go through – 115 to be precise.  It also means that I decided to ignore the rule about multiple entries (the option to eliminate them) because quite a few people submit weekly – perhaps without looking at the schedule.

Second, there won’t be another Best of Money until February 6th as Best of Money takes a Winter Break.  This adds some pressure to make the New Year of Money edition a good one, which I will try to do!

There is some method to the madness when you have to pick just 10 articles or in the case 1 in ~12 submissions.  To whittle down the submissions I first look at the comment (mandatory) to see if the comment is there and if the article piques my interest.  So if the submission is about resolutions or goals (like about 200 others I read on sites this past week) the post was passed by.  Or, if you submitted about Christmas this and that (before Christmas) chances are the post was not relevant until December 2012 so I passed on those as well.  Next I look at which articles interest me personally – so U.S. investment vehicles (IRA, 401K) drop off because we’re Canadian, eh. This got the list down to about 60 articles which is a much more manageable! I filter through the rest of the comments to highlight topics and comments that intrigue me and start reading!  If the post appears to be sponsored, I move to the next.

In the end I had 28 articles I truly enjoyed and I must say it was very hard to pick just 10.  Melissa hosts the  next Best of Money on February 6th and I do not envy her task to deal with 4 weeks of submissions!

Now onto the first Best of Money for 2012! (in no particular order aside from the editor pick)

Just imagine the look on your child’s face when, from underneath the Christmas tree, comes a Golden Retriever puppy. The unbridled joy, unconditional love, but let’s take a look at the other side of the fence: ownership costs which Julie discusses in her article Pets: The Gift That Keeps on Eating published at The Family CEO. That puppy will become a full sized dog and will live 10+ years.  Are you really prepared for the financial burden that accompanies the Christmas memory and subsequent companionship?

In the recent article Women and Investing posted at Thirty Six Months, Marissa takes a look at the differences in numbers between men and women when it comes to investing but also looks at some demographic information regarding female investors.  She points out that trading isn’t rocket science if you keep things simple.

Ever wondered,  How Does Facebook Make Money? A Blinkin over at Funancials was.  He learned quite a bit about the details and shares them in the  article.  A taste: Facebook’s users click on advertisements an average of 0.04% of the time (400 clicks for every one million pages).  Ouch! Except when you have 800 million users … quantity over quality.

Over at Finance Fox Eddie has realized that what you learn in school is quite different than what you learn in the “real world”.  He discusses these revelations in  7 Things About Reality That Business Education Never Taught Me!. Personally, I like #4: You’re going to work with people you don’t like. Name the industry and folks will dislike each other – Human Nature.

Erika wonders whether or not finances should play such an important role in marriage and relationships in Rich and Single or Poor and In Love? posted at Newlyweds on a Budget.  Our take is that finances are an integral part of a long term relationship and you best be on the same page if you plan to be with someone long term.

Shaun tells us that knowing what the common seller concessions are will help you be a better home seller in his article A Guide to Common Seller Concessions: Because a Home Buyer Might Ask You to Throw In a Ferrari posted at Smart Family Finance. It is odd, but some homebuyers have asked for Ferrari’s as a seller concession. Knowing what the common seller concessions are will help you be a better home seller.

Now a few articles that are up our alley …

101 Centavos presents Kitchen Gardening, the Accidental Side Gig and tells us it’s wintertime, it’s bloody cold in most parts of the country. Read how he created an accidental side gig with kitchen gardening.  Saving after tax dollars is always healthy, as is eating organic food from your garden.  101 Centavos takes a really close look at the financial side of gardening.

Money Cone presents And Let There Be Light! investigating just how far light bulbs have come a long way in terms of efficiency, both energy and financial. In case you haven’t heard, incandescent bulbs (the one’s we are all familiar with) are being phased out. There are a lot more choices now and and bulbs come in a variety of types, shapes and sizes.  Money Cone adds a comprehensive financial break down on lighting options which makes this article Best of Money material.

Melissa now writing over at Saving Money Today discusses  How to Work from Home When Caring for Young Children . I was off work last week and while I finally got to spend extended time (for the first time since he was born) with lil’ SPF.  I tried to be Super Dad, getting over due chores and projects started all the while trying to work on this site plus spending valuable time with our son.  Boy, it didn’t work out well.  In this article Melissa spells out a few strategies she employs as a stay at home Mom who works from home. For my next “vacation” I will head back to this article so I can better use my time when at home.

Best of Money: EDITOR PICK

The first few sentences in How to Get Your Kids to Stop Treating You Like an ATM written by Sabrina at Wallet Watcher really  caught my eye:

When raising children, no one sets out to raise a brat. No parent thinks to themselves, “I want my child to be irrational and demanding.” No one purposely fosters unreasonable expectations. And yet many parents reach an unpleasant day when they look at their child and realize that somehow, they have.

Without condemning anyone Sabrina provides some really useful tips on how to deal with your kids when they are requesting money.

I hope you enjoyed this version of Best of Money!

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