Green Tip #180: Alternative Transportation

The majority of people in North America drive to work, alone, in their vehicles.  This is an incredibly wasteful way to commute when people could carpool.   Or they could arrange to telecommute or consider other alternative transportation methods such as taking a bus, train or subway.  A lot of people who could save gas by walking or biking to work still opt for the comfortable confines of their cars. Do you take alternative transportation much? Check out our 365 Green Tips Series!

Green Tip #178: Limit Purchase of Groceries on Sale

If you are anything like me you get excited when you see a really good sale at the grocery store and you pick up several of the sale items. Problem is we can never seem to get through some of these groceries sale items before they go bad so we end up with expired, unopened boxes of crackers in the pantry or cans of coconut milk in the drawers. So while loading up on sale items can technically save you money it really doesn't in the end if you can't get through it. Not to mention all the packaging that is…

Our Sustainable Personal Financial Plan: The Future

Last week we discussed our sustainable personal financial plan: the base and how we hope this plan can be sustainable for today but also to set the ground work for tomorrow.  Today I will discuss "the tomorrow", or, the future of our personal financial plan. For purposes of this article the "future" means we plan to have the remainder of our plan to be in full affect by the end of 2012.  We gotten started on a lot of the plan already but there are other areas we need to kick start. I will take a look at our investing…

Green Tip #177: Bruised Produce

If you find that your tomatoes are looking a little soft before you've had a chance to slice them up and use them in your sandwich consider blending them and making a gazpacho. This applies to any vegetable really. Instead of throwing them out (in the compost) you can still get edible value from them. For those of us who love soup, gazpacho this time of year makes the most sense. Check out our 365 Green Tips Series!

Green Tip #176: Car Idling

So you got off work early on a Friday so you can surprise your kids by picking them up at school, but best yet, you are taking them camping for the weekend.  It's the end of June and the weather is warm.  You pull up to the school, put the car in park and leave the air conditioning running.  This is not a way to save gas!  Idling uses gas and will not help you reduce gas consumption.  Sure, idling for 30 minutes "only" uses about 1/10th of a gallon of gas, and to savings by turning off the engine is…