Green Tip #180: Alternative Transportation

The majority of people in North America drive to work, alone, in their vehicles.  This is an incredibly wasteful way to commute when people could carpool.   Or they could arrange to telecommute or consider other alternative transportation methods such as taking a bus, train or subway.  A lot of people who could save gas by walking or biking to work still opt for the comfortable confines of their cars.

Do you take alternative transportation much?

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Green Tip #179: Loose Cap Lose Gas

So you filled up your gas tank and rushed away to deal with the next task in your busy life.  But guess what, you may not have tightened the gas cap all the way and the result: you lose gas.  Gas evaporates and a loose gas cap will result in a reduction in the gas tank level.  So tighten the cap and don’t lose gas.

Check out our 365 Green Tips Series!