Green Tip #211: Support Refills

While picking up my new glasses today I was handed a bottle of cleaning solution. While the cleaning solution itself is not green (no one has invented it yet) the store we bought our glasses from will simply refill your bottle when it’s empty instead of giving you a whole new bottle. It saves them money and saves me space in my recycling bin. A  local company that I buy soap and lotion from are working towards being able to refill containers as well. So next time you purchase a product in a container from a local place ask if they can refill it. If they can’t express that you would be very supportive of such an initiative.

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Green Tip #210: E-Cards

I discovered this great site for e-cards while in University: I always found one I liked and I helped save the rain forest at the same time! We also went electronic for our wedding invitations. It was a great tool to use to make sure I marked friends and family members birthdays without spending any money. Sending cards this way is also greener than by post since no emissions are taken up getting your card to your loved one.

Check out our 365 Green Tips Series!

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