Want to Start a Green Business?

green businessStarting a business is a dream for many people. Being your own boss, working for where you want, tapping into your potential to make money. All of these are reasons to start a business. And, even better, it’s possible to start a business that is sustainable and green, and keeping with your values. If you are concerned about the impact that starting a business might have on the environment, you can take comfort in the fact that there are plenty of ways to start a green business.

Green Business: Consulting

Gaining the necessary education, such as a Master of Science in Renewable and Clean Energy degree, from a reputable university gives you the opportunity to explore this industry as a viable career. This degree, which is available through some online universities, allows you to work as an energy consultant, a policy maker, an energy planner, or an energy system designer, giving you the chance to make a real difference. While earning your degree, you will learn about clean energy sources, how they can be applied to energy systems, and how to implement these forms of energy.

If you are knowledgeable in an area related to sustainable living or sustainable practices, you can offer consulting services. You might be surprised at the sort of green consulting you can do, big and small:

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Help Raise Money for Charities Selling Your Old CDs

Yes, you can help raise money for charities while saving the environment. by recycling your CDs through one of the many online CD recycling programs you can reduce trash going to landfills . One way you can raise money for charities is by planning a CD recycling event in your community. Families always have unwanted CDs and DVDs lying around the house and a simple spring cleaning CD drive can raise money for charities.

You can Raise Money for Charities both Local and National

Charities don’t have to be national organizations; you can choose to plan an event for a worthy local cause. Send a kid to camp or help a family down on their luck.

If you select a national organization to support, many of the online CD recycling organizations offer direct contributions. You collect all your CDs, send them in (postage paid) and they inform you of how much your CDs are worth. You opt to have your earnings sent directly to the participating national charity of your choice.

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