Quick and Easy Dividend Calculators

If you’ve been following my most recent series of posts then you are pretty well versed in dividends by now. You should know when a dividend will be paid by paying attention to the ex-date and payable date. You should also know about different types of distributions like capital gains. I want to take some time […]

The Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Transportation Options

Today’s consumer looking for a sustainable transportation option has several choices from hybrid-electric, to plug-in hybrid vehicles, to fuel cell vehicles, to mass transit – primarily to save gas. Some of the benefits of sustainable transportation are reduced reliance on petroleum,  jobs created by green technologies, and reduction of greenhouse gases. Gasoline-powered vehicles produce an […]

Is Reinvesting Dividends the Right Choice?

This should be an easy answer to an easy question. Reinvesting dividends allows for greater capital appreciation. That means more of your money will be at work each time a dividend is paid out. You may have to ask yourself a few questions though. Would you rather have the cash today or would you be […]