Why You Should Take Care of Your Finances First

One of the financial virtues that our society lauds is helping others. We are encouraged to give to charity, and to help those around us when they need financial help. Helping others is an important part of life, and an important part of well-rounded finances. However, before you focus on others’ finances, it’s a good […]

3 Ways Larger Families Can Save on Accommodations When Vacationing

If you are a family with three or more kids, life gets a bit more complicated.  Most of the Western Hemisphere, it seems, is designed for families with two kids.  Sedans are doable with three kids when the kids get older, but packing 3 car seats in the back can be difficult, if not impossible. […]

First Time Home Buyer? Make Sure Your Finances Are in Order

There may not be a better time to buy a home.  Interest rates are low as are home prices.  If you are a first time buyer looking to purchase your first home, you are lucky to do so in such a good environment.  However, even though the time might be right economically, make sure you […]

Are You REALLY Financially Responsible?

Most of us like to think that we are financially responsible. However, it’s very possible that you aren’t actually as financially responsible as you think. Just being able to pay the bills isn’t true financial responsibility. Meeting Your Obligations Isn’t Financial Responsibility My senior year in college, I was under the impression that I was […]