The many advantages of purchasing an electric motorbike

 Electric motorcycles and scooters are fitted with a motor. Electricity is stored on the vehicle in a rechargeable battery that can be powered from any external electricity source.

Environmentally-friendly benefits

The overriding factor for many bikers in choosing an electric motorbike is the environment. If you’re concerned by current pollution levels and the detrimental effect it has on the ecosystem, then an electric bike offers a greener alternative to motorcyclists.

No gas means zero emissions. If more people buy and use electric bikes, there will eventually be a reduction in air pollution, welcomed by many in heavily populated towns and cities across the country.

Electric bikes also have a significant impact on noise pollution. The electric motor is nearly silent, which is another big attraction, especially in quiet residential areas. The deafening roar of a powerful petrol-fuelled bike in the early hours of the morning is unlikely to make the rider popular with the neighbours.

Economic benefits

Electric motorcycles don’t just help the planet; they’re also good for your pocket.

Running a bike on electricity is much cheaper than running it on gas. You’ll save money as you have no fuel expenses. The onboard rechargeable battery can be topped up without causing too much of a drain on your electric meter.

With no petrol or oil involved, there is much less maintenance required in the upkeep of an electric vehicle, meaning you’ll save even more money by avoiding hefty bills from garage mechanics. Continue reading The many advantages of purchasing an electric motorbike

9 (and a half) ways to help you & your finances

We can all benefit from the extra cash at the end of every month. Sometimes if you have the extra bill to pay which you didn’t anticipate, you can feel the pinch. While we are still waiting for it to grow on trees, here is a list of ways you could take on board that just might save you some extra money every month.

1.Start with a list -You might of thought this out, but try to stop storing your finances in your head. If you’re not a pencil and paper person, then you could try keeping a spreadsheet on your computer and filling it out regularly. There are good examples on You can also find free money management sites to sign up for free. Some may offer you a free trial, so look out for this, it’s worth a try. If you do prefer to track your finances, consider using a hard copy and keeping it somewhere visual you will automatically see each day. We might not realise it, but most of us may spend money daily and so the amount can tally up.

Potential Savings: Endless

2. Save loose change It worth thinking about saving those loonies, twoonies and quarters as after breaking into 10 & 20 dollar bill you could soon accumulate enough money to pay another bill or treat yourself.

Potential Savings: $12 a month

3. Sell unwanted gifts and gadgetsWith your birthday and Christmas twice a year you can soon rack up gifts you kindly received, but don’t know what to do with them? Anything that is boxed and unused can have some serious value to them roughly 50% of the RRP value.  By doing your homework and finding out the resale price could help you stay in check, making sure you can get the best price possible. Carry out some website research and visit auction sites. Continue reading 9 (and a half) ways to help you & your finances