Do Parents Have A Responsibility To Financially Assist Their Kids?

In the world of personal finance, there are a few common refrains that have been repeated so often that they’re practically considered religion. How many times have you been told to make a budget, pay yourself first, search for ways to save money, or to buy a used car? How about avoiding expensive mutual funds, […]

4 Popular Online Jobs for Stay-at-Home Parents

Since having two children, life around the SPF household has gotten busier than ever.  This seems to be the case with most families. While many dual income families can remain so after the birth of the first child, the birth of the second child often necessitates change.  Day care costs are doubled, and one of […]

Tips on Buying your First Home with a Small Budget

This is it. You’ve decided to make the biggest purchase of your entire life and you’re all fired up about it. Congrats! You can already picture what it’s going to look like – gourmet kitchen, massive dining room, suite-like master’s bedroom, the work! Images of your dream house are slowly populating your mind like it […]