Finding the Best Low Radiation Mobile Phone for You

Cell phones are increasingly becoming a significant hazard in our daily lives. Continued mobile phone usage may result in lots of health issues due to its harmful radiation. Scientists discourage the use of smartphones as much as possible. However, there are some few tips that you can follow to reduce the exposure to these radiations. One of the greatest advices is careful selection of a Smartphone with the minimum possible amount of Specific Absorption Rate commonly referred to as SAR.


The SAR represents the standard unit of measurement for the amount of energy absorbed by your body when using a cell phone. The higher the SAR, the more the radiofrequency energy that serves as a great potential to body damage. It is a requirement that all mobile phone manufacturers have to publish these measurements that reveal the general level of radiation of the cell phone. By studying this value, it is easy to tell which mobile phone is the lowest emitter and which one is the highest emitter. The recommended SAR limit is 2.0W/KG averaged over 10 grams of actual tissue. Below is a list of mobile phones considered to be safe because of the low amounts of radiation that they emit:


Alcatel OneTouch Hero 2

Alcatel OneTouch has a low radiation emission rate. It emits approximately 0.43 W/KG and is considered a safe Smartphone for use.It is 4G enabled and runs on Android operating system v4.4. The mobile phone has a 5-inch capacitive touch screen with an internal storage capacity of 16GB. Its processor speed is 2.0 GHz, and the rear camera is 13.1 MP.


Samsung Galaxy A5

Samsung Galaxy A5 Smartphone emits an average SAR of 0.65 which is very low and safer to your health. It is regarded as the best Smartphone with low radiation emission. The cell phone supports 4G and a 5.0-inch display running on an Android v4.4 operating system. It has a 1.2 GHz Quad core processor and a 13 MP rear camera. Some people shy off from using their smartphone as a broadband modem by tethering them to any device, say a laptop or other mobile devices for fear of radiation. However, with the correct data from reputable companies such as Broadband Choices, Samsung Galaxy A5 has worked to eradicate such harmful effects.



LG G2 emits an average SAR of about 0.51 W/KG which makes it a safe cell phone to use. The Smartphone runs on an Android operating system and boasts a display of 5.2 inches IPS with a corning gorilla screen protection. It has a primary storage capacity of 32 GB and a powerful battery of approximately 3000 mAh.


Nokia Lumia 635

This Smartphone emits little radiation of about 0.97 W/KG on the head part and 0.77 W/KG on the body part. The cell phone is 4G enabled and runs on an Android operating system. Its screen size is 4.5 inches and a ROM capacity of 8GB which can serve you well.


ZTE Nubia 5

It is widely regarded as the safest Smartphone to use with a low emission rate of 0.225 W/KG SAR. It runs on an Android OS and has a primary storage capacity of 16GB. Its 5-inch screen display boasts of a 1080*1920 pixel resolution which enhances clarity of image display. Its clock speed is 1.5 GHz supported by a quad-core processor.


HTC One Max

According to the US standards, this particular Smartphone emits 0.81 W/KG which is considered safe and healthy by the Council of European Union. It is also available in China as HTC One Max Dual sim. The Smartphone has a giant screen measuring 5.9 inches and a 4MP camera. Its RAM is 2GB, and the ROM is 16GB. It runs on an Android operating system.

If your primary concern is about the radiation from your cell phone, you can take some simple steps to minimise the amount that is absorbed by your body. This may include using your headsets all the time and avoid putting your Smartphone on your ears directly. Try to switch to texting and minimise the number of calls you make or receive. You should only call when it is necessary. Avoid using your cell phone in locations where the signal strength is weak because as the phone struggles to search for the network, it emits maximum radiations.


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