Learn To Be A Day Trader

Day trading is an excellent way to make a living. You can avoid living in a gray cubicle in a thankless office job contributing to your retirement only via a 401k account, subject to silly requests from overbearing bosses and underperforming co-workers. You can achieve financial independence, in a comfortable home office, interacting with other traders in chat rooms that help you learn more about your industry and avoid living in isolation.

Chat rooms are a vital resource for day traders of all levels. You can learn in them as a novice day trader, absorbing the lingo and learning early tips and about hot stocks to watch. Chat rooms also provide a lifeline for veteran traders to keep up on news and new developments from traders around the world. The Internet allows ideas of all stripes to criss-cross the globe with an intense efficiency and day trading is no exception. Chat rooms are a great way for those ideas to gain credence. It is the way the world works now.

But becoming a profitable day trader is more than just hanging out in chat rooms. You need to spend time learning about day trading strategies from reputable day trading education sites. Warrior Trading is a great site to learn about the strategies that you need to approach each trading day. Momentum day trading strategies like gap and go are excellent for taking advantage of a volatile market. Gappers are stocks that are running higher in the morning pre-trading than they were at the end of the day before. Finding those gappers and seeing how they are about to break is part and parcel of the gap & go strategy.

Learning those strategies is very important to becoming a good day trader. Having a plan is how you need to begin every day and every trade. There is no substitute for a good plan. You need a base to work from and you need to learn how to make decisions in the moment.

Once you learn those strategies is when you begin to practice them in a controlled setting. Many traders learn by doing, which means they get thousands of hours of screen time, risking real, hard-earned savings in a unpredictable and complicated market. Paper trading allows you to get screen time in a simulated trading environment that allows trading in virtual currency. When you try the Warrior Trading simulator you will see that it trades at the speed of the market, offers Level II quotes and has advanced charting, just like the best platforms out there. The difference is that you won’t be risking real savings and you will be able to log screen time and make the mistakes necessary to learn how to trade.

Trading, at its essence, is all about being able to see patterns in real time. When you can predict what a trade is going to do, you can make some money. But you need to be cautious and prepared to lose at all times. Conservative risk management is the name of the game.

How Society can Affect Your Net Worth.

The song “No man is an island, no man stands alone” says it all, even down to how much wealth we might accumulate in our lifetimes.

Society affects each of us – what we give and get from others. Others affect us.

How can society affect our net worth?

We want to fit in.

For the human condition, there is safety in numbers. Our remote ancestors found this to be true when fighting off the beasts and we still see and feel the need to be part of a group. Often times, we benefit from being part of a group.

The first group we are part of is usually a family. Families influence us immensely. Each family grouping has unique expectations.

Some families traditionally work for others for a living and therefore expect us to do so as well. Some families start their own business and are disappointed if their children don’t start one too. Some families expect kids to drop out of school and earn money for the family. Other families encourage kids to go to college and be a professional. Each of these could affect our ability to generate wealth and grow our net worth.

We tend to rise (or fall) to the level of expectations set – to fit in, to avoid disapproval. If you are expected to go to school, learn well and earn good grades, you are more likely to do so than the child who is ridiculed for being a ‘geek’.

We model our behavior by watching those around us.

Kids learn so much more by observing than they do through lessons. If your parents were savers, you probably are a saver as well. If your work associates discuss investing, you may be more prone to think about putting money in the market. You do what you know.

Wanting to fit in can influence your ability to generate wealth.

Perhaps you feel like you must go to the bar, out to lunch, shopping with the girls, to the game to the greens and etc to join in with the group. Joining the group at times can be very advantageous, but joining in every time can limit your opportunity to accumulate wealth.

We compare ourselves to others and compete.

The things that we want from life are influenced by those we see around us. We consciously and subconsciously are always comparing ourselves and our possessions to what others have. We judge our relative value through these comparisons – even though we shouldn’t.

Sometimes we feel we have to spend money to obtain what we perceive as a comparable level of wealth. Keeping up with the Jones can be a wealth drainer.

For example, when we work in a professional field (like surgeons), we may feel we have to maintain the ‘right’ image by living in a certain neighborhood, driving a certain kind of car, dressing a certain way, belonging to the right club and etc. Maintaining this image can be a wealth drainer.

We rely on others.

Others may provide or withdraw opportunities than could help us get wealthy.

The boss might decide to challenge you by giving you a big opportunity. If you succeed, that opportunity might lead to bigger and better things. Likewise, the boss could hold you back by denying opportunities or refusing to acknowledge your skills or shunting you off onto a sideline that has no advancement potential.

Words CAN hurt your ability to accumulate.

I believe it is much easier to do great things when you receive support and encouragement from those around you. Ridicule can quickly kill your desire to achieve.

If your spouse makes fun of your thriftiness, or down plays your ability to start that super star business, you will be tempted to just drop the idea. If she yells at you when you spend money on certain things. or he gets mad if the checkbook isn’t subtracted out right away you may retaliate or you may avoid doing those things in the future. The ways you interact with others about money can influence your ability to be wealthy.

Early experiences with money issues can have a life long affect. If your parents punish you for spending or reward you for saving, it can have an emotional impact years into the future – and not necessarily the one your parents intended.

What has society done to alter your net worth?