3 Times it Makes Sense to Pay Someone Else to Do Something For You

Last summer, we started paying someone else to handle our yard care. We didn’t enjoy doing it, and we didn’t have the time, anyway. When family members heard about it, we got quite a few odd looks. After all, mowing the lawn and trimming the hedge are things that aren’t too difficult to do — just about anyone could do them.

But just because you can do something doesn’t mean that you should. Here are 3 times it makes sense to pay someone else to do something for you:

1. When You Don’t Have the Knowledge or Skill

There are some jobs that require you to have a specific knowledge or set of skills in order to effectively complete them. If you don’t have that knowledge or skill, and you attempt a DIY project, there is a very good chance that you will mess it up and make things worse.

What happens if you try to fix the plumbing without the skills to do so? You could end up making things worse and even more expensive to fix. Yes, you can find tutorials online to help you learn how to do certain things, but in some cases, even that knowledge falls short. If you don’t have the knowledge or skill to do a good job at something, and it’s important, hire someone else to do it.

2. When You Don’t Have the Equipment You Need

Some projects require that you have special equipment to complete. In some cases, you can buy or rent the equipment to make it work. But make sure you run the numbers. In some cases, renting the equipment yourself, and then taking the time to get something done (especially if there’s a learning curve involved) can cost you more than just hiring someone.

One of my neighbors decided to put in their own sprinkler system. They rented a trencher to make things easier. They had that trencher for two days, since they had problems with learning to use and drive it. A professional installer could have trenched their yard in one day. Hiring someone would have saved them money, since they would have had to pay for the trenching service and be done, and in this case they had to pay for the trencher for two days, which ended up being more than just paying someone.

Really think about your plans, and the cost of the equipment, and whether or not you’ll be as effective using the equipment.

3. You Have Something Else to Do With Your Time

This was the reason we began getting someone to do the yard care. If you can afford to pay someone to do something for you, and it will free up time that you want to use for something else, it makes sense. Hour for hour, I can make more money with my business than I pay to have someone care for my yard. Additionally, sometimes paying someone else provides you with a little extra time to spend with your family, or spend doing something you really enjoy. In my mind, time is more valuable anyway, since once it’s gone, it’s gone.

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  1. Even if I don’t know how to do something, I’ll spend a few minutes researching it to see just how involved it is. If it’s not that difficult, I’ll tackle it myself. Otherwise, I pay for someone else. YouTube is an amazing resource for how to do so many things. I’ve used it to help me install hardwood floor and maintenance on my car.

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