7 Energy Saving Tips Beginning With The Letter ‘A’

Appliances should never be left on standby

Did you know that electrical appliances that are left on standby are waste huge amounts of energy over time? A lot of people such as I are tied into fixed term contracts so we are unable to compare energy prices and switch to the cheapest supplier. But there are other ways to save money by reducing your energy consumption. Simply follow these simple steps and you too could save yourself a small fortune.

Always lower the water temperature

When washing and bathing it’s advised that you set the thermostat of the hot water heater to 60°C/140°F to save energy and money on your utility bills.

An unplugged charger saves energy

This is a common energy wasting habit many of us are guilty of doing. It may be useful to leave your mobile charged in the socket while you sleep to boost the battery life, but so many forget to switch the charger off when unplugging our mobiles. This uses a lot of electricity and serves no purpose whatsoever apart from costing you more money!!

A light left on can waste a lot of energy

When leaving a room remember to get in to the habit of turning off any lights that are not in use. Likewise, during the daytime use as much natural light as possible by opening your curtains or blinds.

At a lower temperature wash your clothes

Did you know that leading clothes detergents work just as well when on a lower temperature? Cooler cycles are a great way of saving energy at home, with many people selecting the economy programme or “half-load” option on their washing machines.

Abandon baths, take showers

Running a bath requires a lot of energy to heat, so, a great energy saving alternative is to take a shower as it uses just 20 % of the hot water needed for a bath!

Avoid the need to speed

Keep a careful eye on your speed when you next get in to a vehicle. Driving at 60mph rather than 80mph, not only cuts CO2 emissions by about 1/3 but it also saves gas. By keeping a watchful eye on your speed, you can save plenty of money on your fuel bill.

El Fin…
There you have it, 7 top energy saving tips all beginning with the letter A. So, if you want to reduce your utility bills and hope to look after your pennies follow these fantastic energy saving tips. Not only are they really easy to follow, it’s also incredibly fun searching for ideas beginning with the letter A. All you need is a dictionary, creativity and a desire to reduce your utility bills. What you waiting for? Get searching and start saving!


14 thoughts on “7 Energy Saving Tips Beginning With The Letter ‘A’

  1. Love the way this list is put together. Great tips, too. I’ve heard the bath/shower one before. It’s so counterintuitive, I think. And I only use hot laundry water when washing whites or towels. The rest of the time I always use cold.

    1. We’ll have to see if we follow through with one article for each letter Y&T. We started out tip a day in January and that ended up being a bit much, especially with lil’ SPF due to join us in 3 weeks.

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