Do You Know When to Accept Help?

One of the hardest things for many of us is accepting help. It is difficult to get help from others, especially since many of us like to think that we are independent, capable human beings.

However, at some point in time, we all need help. The question is whether or not we will recognize that we the help — and accept it when it comes our way.

Do You Take Good Advice?

Many of us are painfully aware that when we give good advice, on a subject that we clearly know something about, our friends and family tend to ignore it. Are you in the same boat? It’s true that there is a lot of useless unsolicited advice out there. But sometimes, someone who cares about you, recognizes that you could use a little helpful advice.

It’s important not to dismiss such advice out of hand immediately. Instead, step back. Could you use the helpful hint? Realize that someone else might have something valuable to share, and that following his or her advice could actually help you, whether it’s living healthier or getting your finances back on track.

Do You Let Others Help You?

When my husband and I married, we were in school, and neither of us had a “real job.” We lived off wedding gifts, student loans, and charity for the first eight months of our marriage because, even though I finished my degree a couple months after our marriage, I had a hard time landing a job. My parents and my husband’s parents helped us a great deal.

It was hard to accept my parents’ help because I had been living on my own for years, and I hadn’t really needed their help. But, when we looked at our situation, we realized that we needed the help.

You might need help, too. If someone offers to watch your kids while you go on the job hunt, or if you are offered a home cooked meal, do you turn it down? While there is something to be said for bootstrapping, at the same time, it doesn’t hurt to accept help — and it might allow you to get ahead. I know that the help my husband and I received at the beginning of our marriage allowed us to find a firm financial footing. Now, we are in a position help others (including my brother), and we can, in a way, show our gratitude.

Seek Professional Help

Sometimes, though, you really need to seek professional help. Many people find themselves making plans to get out of debt, over and over again. Failing regularly. Sometimes, a professional can help you do what you can’t do yourself. From getting professional debt help, to using a financial planner to help you get ready for retirement, getting help selling your house, you need to look at when you might be in over your head.

If you are a small business owner who is looking to make the transition to the corporate world it is smart to have a professional on your side like Steven Guynn to ease the growing pains and handle the legal side of your transition.  Yes, professional help can cost a little bit more. However, it can also save you a great deal in the long run, when you factor in your time and how much you can come out ahead now that you are on the right track.

What do you think? Do you ask for help when you need it?

4 thoughts on “Do You Know When to Accept Help?

  1. Everybody needs help at one point in our lives. I would admit that I will not be able to finish college without my aunties’ help who gave me monthly allowance to augment my board and lodging. They also helped me land a job while in college through their friends and colleagues who were more than willing to extend assistance.

  2. I think everyone realizes they need help at some point or another, but for some reason when it comes to money its viewed as a personal failure to have to ask, making people more hesitant to ask.
    Its unfortunate, because if people would swallow their pride sooner and simply ask for assistance, its easier to get and LESS trouble for everyone involved than having to ask when you’re in a desperate situation and have no choice!

  3. Do I ask for help? Yes I do if I need it only after I try my best to sort out the issue. I enjoy learning from others and want to know if I’m doing something wrong or if someone can see an area I can improve in.I’ve met some people who freak out if you even try to offer a bit of help. Those people need to take it down a notch as our hearts weren’t meant to deal with stress that way. My wife on the other hand is terrible asking for help. She doesn’t want to look weak or looked down upon and I think that stems back with working with mostly men where she had to stand her ground to get to the top. When she’s at home I have to ask if she needs any help and most times the answer is YES but that doesn’t shock me. We weren’t built to be robots or super hero’s we are here to work together, help each other and prosper. Even “Sheldon Cooper” needs help once in a while lol.

    Sometimes though people need professional help like you mention as it’s the only way that they will get a grip on a situation in many aspects of life. For us we use a professional planner as he is our knowledge for now until we can learn more about investing on our own. Cheers great post. Mr.CBB

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