Do Parents Have To Help?

In Rob Carrick’s most recent offering he talks about how he feels parents should be prepared to help their children out in their quest to graduate from post-secondary education without a crushing load of debt. I have also heard many other personal finance gurus claim that tough love is the best method for teaching financial […]

Why “No More Lattes” Rarely Works

Who would’ve known that all this time we have been pouring caffeine-laced devil’s brew down our throats every morning?! If you’re not aware that the latte factor is the reason that we have poor people in the world, and are most likely the major cause of the growing income gap, increased student debt, and foreclosures, then […]

Public Service Compensation – The Next Bubble?

Since talking about “bubbles” is in vogue these days (ie oil bubble, real estate bubble, post-secondary bubble, etc.) I figured I’d tackle the somewhat thorny issue that appears to be creeping up more and more in this new era of austerity that we have entered in the Western World. The bubble I’m talking about of course is the […]

A Reaction to the 2012 Canadian Federal Budget

Nothing like mixing a little politics with your personal finance to get the old blood flowing eh?  The Conservatives’ 2012 Canadian Federal budget, and their overall vision for Canada came out on Wednesday, and I believe that there is a lot more to like than there is to dislike.  Unsurprisingly, the Tories are aiming to slay our […]