Autumn Home Maintenance

Autumn Fall Maintenance

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According to the calendar it’s official, fall is finally upon us.  To those of you that live in warm weather areas it just means that time of the year when the temperature dulls a few degrees.  However, to many of us it is final stepping stone on the way to winter.  It also means that time is winding down to get to your home maintenance to-do list.  While I wrote here earlier in the year about spring time home maintenance I still consider myself a newbie to home ownership, but I know the key to saving money on costly home maintenance is prevention!  Do yourself a favor and check out my suggestions below.

Change Your Filters

This is something I make sure is done before each summer when I run my central air conditioning, and then again before I turn on my furnace for the winter.  I’ve seen how dirty those filter systems get after just a few months, and it’s not a pretty sight.  Make sure you keep the health of yourself and your family protected this coming season.

Leaky Faucets and Pipes

During the summer a leaky faucet or pipe can certainly be a nuisance, but often ones that we find we can live with.  During the winter these pipes can turn into a travesty of repairs.  I know less than nothing about plumbing, and hiring out can be quite costly, so do yourself a favor and get those leaks fixed now.  A burst pipe during winter is an issue you want to avoid.

Inspect Your Gutters

Your gutters are a magnet for the falling leaves of autumn, as well as various other types of dirt and debris.  It’s also wise to make sure the gutters and drained are securely fastened to the house.  Snow and water can freeze in the gutters and create a lot of extra weight that can cause them to loosen and come undone.

Sprinkler and Lawn Home Maintenance

You would think that with onset of colder weather, lawn and sprinkler maintenance should be the least of your worries.  However, it’s vital that you have professional come out and winterize your sprinkler system so that the lines don’t freeze during the winter.  Also, fall is a great time to aerate and fertilize your lawn.  This will ensure a healthy lawn come spring.  Don’t forget to rake those leaves up as well.  Leaves trapped under the snow can cause dead patches of lawn over the winter season.

Inspect Drafts from Windows and Doors

Personally this is an area where I’m lacking.  I desperately need to replace my windows, even when they are closed the blinds shutter from a strong wind outside.  If the seals, wood around the windows, or caulking is broken, then a great deal of heat can escape this way.  If you can’t afford to have them replaced then purchase weather strips and try and repair them to the best of your ability.  Well made blinds, and thick drapery can aid in insulation as well.

I wish you all well with your home maintenance checklist.  Make sure you enjoy the beautiful autumn days before winter arrives!

What other autumn home maintenance tips do you suggest?

This is an article written by Justin who is a 30 year old MBA that works in corporate finance, and has a passionate hobby for personal finance.  For more diversified tips on financial management, and other fun stuff, please visit Money is the Root.

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