The Benefits of Business Cards

Technology has made many things obsolete.  Typewriters, once essential office equipment, now gather dust in basements or are on display in museums.  The cassette tape may soon be as outdated as the 8 track (if it’s not already).  Even the trusty phone book has been replaced by the online version.

You may think that business cards are also a thing of the past, especially for people who work primarily online.  However, there are still benefits to business cards, and carrying them is worthwhile.

Of course, one of the main draws of business cards is that they’re a fairly low cost way to market your business.  You can buy business cards at online retailers such as InstantPrint for a very reasonable rate.  When you consider the sheer volume of information on a business card, the cost is very reasonable indeed.

Carrying them with you is essential.  You never know when you’ll strike up a conversation with someone who may inquire about what you do or ask for guidance.  This gives you a perfect opportunity to share your business.  While people you converse with may not remember your website address if you give it to them, if they have your business card, they can look at your site and your business at their leisure.

A customer can learn a great deal about you and your business just by looking at your business card’s design and message.  Trust can be gained by this little card.  How powerful is that?  Where there is trust, there is usually growth in your business.  This can be the beginning of the all powerful word-of-mouth referrals that fuel so many businesses.

Part of this trust and confidence is achieved by your card’s design and message, but it’s also achieved because business cards help cement a human connection.  The card can serve as a reminder to the customer about you and your business.  Online work can be especially isolating, so having this human connection is vital.

Finally, compared to some other marketing campaigns such as flyers and glossy ads, business cards are more eco friendly and produce less trash and require fewer resources.  If you’re an online entrepreneur, a set of 500 business cards may last you a year or longer.

You may think business cards have gone the way of the typewriter, but that’s not true.  They are still a low cost, effective marketing tool that can bring more business your way.


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