Bitcoin: Fast Means Of Payment With Low Costs

The decentralized focus is another selling point and an advantage of Bitcoin. The same applies to the good verifiability of the currency. After all, it can be done from anywhere in the world, so that users have their BTC digitally available at all times and everywhere. Many industry experts see Bitcoin as a tool for so-called “cross-border payments”, i.e. as a means of payment across state or cultural borders. Even large amounts can be quickly and easily sent from A to B in Bitcoin. So far, this may have been a thorn in the side of the classic financial world, but in the future the banking industry will inevitably have to accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. The first projects of this type are already in existence, for example at the US bank JP Morgan. This interest can and will bring further interest to the crypto market. Crypto currency trading software helps to gain more profits.

Bitcoin forecasts – a major incentive to buy?

There is no question that forecasts and analyzes of market movements can always be enjoyed with caution. Predictions of possible jumps in the Bitcoin price to CHF 1 million or more should not be taken too seriously. Often, the originators of such statements – for example the self-proclaimed crypto guru and cyber security professional John McAfee – are primarily interested in large media coverage. Unfortunately, your statements often lack the hoped-for truth. But as always, there is a glimmer of truth. Because reputable analysts were repeatedly correct with their assessments of new heights. Even if the psychologically important price mark of $ 10,000 currently marks the limit: Bitcoin has meanwhile proven that it is called to higher things.

At the end of June 2019, the token demonstrated which jumps it is capable of. At that time, the price soared to over USD 13,000 – and there some experts see the currency well located in the medium term at the latest. On the other hand, it is precisely the acute movements with which Bitcoin attracts risk-takers.

Advantages of Bitcoin – What aspects speak for a Bitcoin buy recommendation?

At this point, we summarize the most important factors in key points, which make both a short and long-term investment seem sensible.

* Bitcoin as an alternative when classic markets weaken

* Cryptocurrency benefits from political and economic conflicts

* Flexible applicability as a global means of payment (fast & cheap transactions)

* Interest increase for Bitcoin, Altcoins & Blockchain in the economy (e.g. banks)

* Due to regulation, cryptocurrencies are increasingly regarded as reputable

* With Bitcoin, investors can spread risk and realize acute high profits

* Deflation in real currencies strengthens Bitcoin demand

Finally, we would like to point out another technical term that can speak for a Bitcoin purchase. As part of bitcoin mining, the blockchain system provides a so-called “halving” from time to time. Those who actively mine will gradually receive lower rewards through this measure. For Bitcoin investors, however, this halving represents an additional increase in value in the long run. Even in the run-up to such steps, clear price gains have usually been evident in the past. At the same time, there are subsequent regular price losses. These, in turn, are a good moment for a first entry into the market by buying Bitcoin.

Advantage of Bitcoin speak for a buy recommendation

Bitcoin holders that with falling prices do not want to get out of the market, find an alternative in trading. Price bets on rising or falling prices (such as when trading in contracts for difference, the CFDs) allow investors to hedge their Bitcoin deposits. Losses can be compensated with a good sense without sales or even turned into a profit. For years, however, investors with perseverance have been able to achieve impressive returns with the world’s first cryptocurrency through targeted investment planning. Alternatives like the Bitcoin futures starting in the USA from the provider Bakkt can in turn be an innovative approach with Bitcoin-related. In this way, new asset classes gradually develop without investors having to make “physical” purchases in order to participate.

Bitcoin was able to gain importance as a means of payment within a few years because digital currencies are mathematically “rare” – this wording again refers to the unit limitation. Parts of it are similar to physical money. 

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