Should You Buy a Metal Roof?

Are you currently a home-owner? Do you need to replace your shingles any time soon? If you do, you might have recently been asking yourself if you should just go with plain shingles (that typically have a 20 year warranty) or pay a little extra and get the metal roof (which can have a warranty of 75 years). What are the pros and cons of each, and which decision should you make? Let’s dig in!

Pros to a Standard Shingled Roof

  • Looks good initially
  • Low cost
  • Still has a 20 year warranty
  • Has been proven to work for many homes in the past

Cons of an Asphalt Shingled Roof

  • Could curl, split or mold in less a year
  • May need replacement or patch work in 12 years (depending on the quality purchased)
  • Destroyed by multiple elements such as wind, hail, or fire

Pros of Metal Roofing

  • Most have at least a 50 year warranty
  • Adds resale value to your house
  • Holds up in the elements (wind, hail, fire)
  • Good for the environment – typically 100% recycled material
  • Insurance discounts possible
  • Energy Tax credits
  • Savings in home heating and energy costs

Cons of Metal Roofing

  • Higher cost than asphalt roofing
  • Fairly new product with some unexpected defects

So there are the pros and cons of the asphalt and metal roofs. Now the question is, which type of shingling is truly best for you?

Choose Your Shingles

It’s fairly obvious that metal shingles will last longer, but at a higher expense you wonder if it’s really worth it? First of all, before we dig too deeply into the pros and cons, how much more expensive are the metal shingles? On average, metal shingles are twice as expensive at the regular asphalt shingles. So, if it was going to cost $7,500 to get your entire roof re-shingled with asphalt shingles, then it would cost $15,000 in order to go with the metal roof.

How Long Will You Live in Your House?

If you are thinking about re-shingling, then you obviously own your own home (or you are about to purchase a home with a worn roof). So how long do you plan to live in your home? If you think you might only be there another couple of years, then I would lean toward spending the least amount of money possible. New owners will love the fact that the roof is fairly new. Whether it’s the highest quality roof or not isn’t going to sway them much into paying more dollars. The fact that it’s new is good enough.

If you plan to live in your house for the next 50 years, then I’d most likely lean toward the metal roofing. Not only do you get the longer warranty, but you’ll be saving on heating and cooling costs for those 50 years as well, not to mention the peace of mind you’ll have from knowing that you’ll never have to think about your roof again.

Are You Paying With Credit?

If you are paying for your new roof with credit, then you’ll want to keep the expenses as low as possible, otherwise you’ll be paying a ton of money toward interest, which will completely defeat the purpose of the cost savings in metal roofing!

Does It Fit the Style of Your House?

If you have a quaint, 1940’s bungalow house, a metal roof might not be the look that you’d like to go for. When making your decision, yes you should think about the environment, but also keep the buyers in mind too. If your house look unnatural and ugly, you’ll be losing money on the sale, not gaining.

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  • Sharon Deck

    A very good informative article! I agree with the fact that metal roofings increase the resale value of your house. A year ago I moved in to a pre engineered steel buildings and I got a very good resale value of my old house which I had renovated and installed metal roofs. But its very important to consider whether metal roofs fit in with the style of your house or not.

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