Career Advice: 3 Good Reasons To Study Computers

Investing in a career related to computer technology and the Internet is completely worth it. There are many options available for college students. A Bachelor’s degree in computer technology can prepare you for any number of careers.  Here are a few promising careers: Computer systems analyst Computer programmer Software developer, Computer support specialists. But, before […]

4 Popular Online Jobs for Stay-at-Home Parents

Since having two children, life around the SPF household has gotten busier than ever.  This seems to be the case with most families. While many dual income families can remain so after the birth of the first child, the birth of the second child often necessitates change.  Day care costs are doubled, and one of […]

5 Cheaper Ways to Go to College

Despite rising tuition costs, an overwhelming percentage of college graduates in the U.S. – 83 percent – say that their college education was a good personal investment. On average, college graduates make more money than people who have only a high school education. People with bachelor’s degrees have median earnings of $45,500 while people with […]

Is the New Freelance Economy Such a Bad Thing for You?

One of the trends becoming apparent following the recent global financial crisis and worldwide recession is that the “new economy” is likely to be a freelance economy. Since the economic troubles that swept much of the globe, there has been an increase in temp jobs, freelance jobs, and adjunct jobs. I’ve seen this trend first […]

How Telecommuting Can Save You Money (and Help the Environment)

Many of us like the idea of working from home. I have my own freelancing business, so working from home comes with the territory. However, you don’t have to be self-employed in order to work from home. An increasing number of companies are allowing workers to telecommute — at least some of the time. So, […]