Sustainable Wedding Planning Part 2: Venue

Sustainable Wedding Planning: Venue As soon as Sustainable PF and I got engaged I started searching for the perfect wedding location. I was working up north at the time, so all of my sustainable wedding planning research was online. After a couple of weeks of searching I had not found a venue that met our […]

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Sustainable Wedding Planning Part 1: Attire

Sustainable Wedding: Attire Sustainable PF and I got married about 15 months ago and we both really loved our wedding day. But it took lots of planning to make is a sustainable wedding!!! Now I was not a woman who had planned out her whole wedding since childhood but I knew I wanted to get […]

My Journey to the Best Canadian Rewards Credit Card

When people think of credit cards the often think of convenient to use but also a potential burden due to high interest rates if you don’t pay your bill on time.  Sometimes people will think of point reward systems where you can redeem your points for goods at a store or redeem air miles to […]

Why We Use Holistic Blend Healthy Dog Food

What do you feed your dog (or pets)?  Have you ever wondered why your dog seems to get sick or suffer from various ailments, some more serious than others?  Do you take your dog to the vet for issues other than regular check ups? Have you ever wondered why your dog poops so much or […]