How Being Digitally Connected Can Save you Money

At this point in the game, it is near impossible to be completely “disconnected” from the digital world. Entire economies, institutions, and communities are dependent on the internet and having access to it. As with every major shift in society, there is a pull in the opposite direction, towards being “unplugged”, private, and independent of the digital dimension. Now a healthy balance is always key to reaping benefits from both schools of thought. However, did it ever occur to you that by being “online” can save you serious money?

  •  Working remotely

Forget about toll routes, gas money and carpooling. The internet has opened an opportunity for entire companies to operate remotely. Whether that means that employees have a more flexible schedule or there are more satellite offices, companies are tapping into the internet to save them, and their employees, money. Thankfully, technologies supporting these trends have continued to evolve and now a good knowledge management system is not only online but also collaborative. Some even argue that they feel more in sync and connected with their colleagues thanks to these systems than when they all worked in the same office.

  • Personal and professional relationships

Long distance telephone calls and reunion trips continue to be a costly expenditure for those who want to stay connected with family and friends that live far away. Thankfully, we now have a range of virtually free alternatives with which we can speak and even see our loved ones. Programs like Skype allow for video calls, something that other apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Viber are starting to pick up on and perfect. This means that as long as both sides have access to the internet, you can completely forego long-distance calling and overcome the distance.

  • Advertise relevant sales and exclusive offers on FB

Social media platforms are getting smarter and smarter and by now you will have noticed that your Facebook has been showing you advertisements that they think that are relevant to you and Google ads reflect your recent searches. This is no coincidence! As scary as thought that they know so much about us is, use it to your advantage.  Take note of sales, promotions, and exclusive online offers that companies are offering. It could really be a chance to save a lot of money on purchases that you might have made anyway.

  • Contests

Online contests are becoming more and more popular and are easier to participate in than ever. No more phone calls, mailing in coupons, etc. With as little as a click you can be entered to win anything from a product sample to a major jackpot.

  • Online shopping

Taking your shopping digital can be a real time and money saver. Even if you are wary of purchasing clothing or other items online without seeing them first, use company websites to compare their offering and their prices before ever visiting the store. This way you can avoid a lot of traveling between stores and already know if the exact same or similar object or service is available elsewhere for a better price. Online shopping also gives you the chance to take your shopping to a global level, so that you aren’t just restricted to the selection and the prices that you have in your immediate vicinity.

 It’s true that some of us are too dependent on our phones and on the internet, even to the point of missing out on the “real world”. But before you decide to cut yourself off from the digital word, consider the benefits that being connected could give you, not just for entertainment, but also for your wallet.



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