Do It Yourself Green Projects

 There are ton of do-it-yourself projects that you can do around your house to improve your energy efficiency, and help the environment.  Depending on your skill level and craftsmanship, there are a lot of ways you can improve your home, without destroying the environment.  Here are some ideas to consider this summer.

 Around the House

Some of the easiest projects you can do are around the house and are really pretty simple to do.  First, you could look at energy efficiency, especially now in the summer, before it gets too cold.  Look at changing your lightbulbs for CFL energy efficient bulbs,which will save you money on your utility bill each month.

You can also look at weatherproofing your home, which will save your heating and cooling costs.  Look at insulation, especially in your attic, and see if it is enough.  Also, look for any airgaps around windows and doors where hot or cool air could be escaping.  You could also look at insulating your water heater, to help maintain the hot water longer, requiring less energy.

 In the Bathroom

 In the bathroom, there are a lot of things you can do to improve efficiency, and save money and the environment.  For example, you could install new low-flow shower heads and low flow toilets, which will lower water usage and help your utility bill.  You could also look at getting a solar water heater, which will give you less expensive hot water since it uses the sun to heat your water.


 Finally, there are a lot of green projects you can do outside as well.  First, you may want to look at your siding.  If it is in need of repair or replacing, you can get some durable, green siding that looks great, but is made from recycled material.  There is also decking that is the made of similar material, so if you need to replace a deck, look for green building material.  How about installing a rain barrel and lowering your water bill? By going green, you not only help the environment, but many of these products are designed to last, so you will not have to do it again for many years.

From basic painting, to renting construction machinery there are numerous ways to embark on green projects around the home.

12 thoughts on “Do It Yourself Green Projects

  1. Great ideas SPF! Its definitely a misconception that green projects are large, cumbersome and require a lot of effort. There are so many little things that can make a big difference.

  2. If you rent, and can’t make some of these big improvements, you can always decrease the flow of your toilet by using the two litre pop bottle trick. Fill up a two litre bottle with water and insert it in the tank. The displacement you created will decrease the per flush volume by two litres.

    Just make sure to insert the pop bottle after flushing, or else you’ll end up with a puddle on the floor!

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