Green Home Remodelling – The Alternative Approach

green home remodelling

The concept of eco-friendly homes is slowly evolving. Using innovation to cut down energy consumption is thoughtful, but the cost has to come down. Numerous building firms and companies are working on producing cheap and replicable green home remodelling opitions with low operating costs.

One recent project that has been initiated by Garbett Homes and Vivint allows for affordable, scalable and completely sustainable homes. The homes being made under the project have been titled as Zero House and start at approx. $350,000.

Similar trends can be seen in Canada as well. Statistics Canada did a survey on more than 20,000 homes across Canada, and more than 9 percent have energy efficient features installed.

Importance of ‘Self’ measures

Green home remodelling projects like Zero House are also going to be initiated in the near future in cities like New Orleans, Marrero and Merry Town, where such homes would virtually eliminate utility bills. The success of such projects is also dependent on the cost and government subsidies.

From the green living perspective, people can take green home remodelling measures themselves. In this way, they can keep costs down before such projects become less market friendly. There is a lot of green advice thrown about, but it is important to prioritize on a need basis.

Take Shreveport, for example, where the median income for a household is $31,648, which means that it would be a long time until they can afford such housing projects. They can instead benefit more from small term measures.

Starting from Roofs for Green Home Remodelling

Roofing is one such area to begin from. The roof of your house is the place where direct incident light strikes and in it is opportunity. If the roofing material has to be re-done, there are specialists who do roofing on contract for home owners. Companies providing such services use different materials in roofing such metal, slate, tile, flat and copper. Tile and slate roofing are effective from the green perspective.

Also, the Forest Stewardship Council allows companies to use industrial recycled content in roofing for green home remodelling projects, which is cheaper. Small scale solar panels and insulation material can be easily used on such roofs.

The ‘Roots on Rooftop’ model is worth taking a look at–this involves a plantation on the roof. It results in a natural insulation and saves excess costs as well. This is almost a necessity in countries where urban farming is common.

The trend being seen in Canada is similar, but there is also more usage of a programmable thermostats. These are configured either on roofs or inside the house depending on the need. Now, nearly 54 percent homes in Canada have such installations.

Using important resources

The ‘do it your-self’ approach can make green home remodelling an affordable choice. For the purpose, you can use numerous sources that have been made available by the government and other organizations.

For instance, Re-Green is a good resource and is a project of American society of interior designers (ASID) and the U.S. green building council (USGBC). They provide different case studies regarding green home remodelling projects. It has valuable information which people can apply based upon their needs.

In addition, the resource has guidelines and interactive tools in which you can design eco-friendly items for home without much cost. You can also search for which area of your house you want to remodel (roof, etc.) and tailor made options are also available.

Be practical

There is a lot of information thrown on about government incentives and how they facilitate green home construction. However, with regards to subsidies, people should be practical and determine which one they are eligible for as per their state or province.

Through self-education, a green home remodelling can be made a reality at a much lower cost than expected.


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