Green Tip #100: Don’t be Afraid to be Green

As we have finally reached the 100th tip I wanted to take a moment and reflect a little on what we have written so far. I hope that in reading our tips you have discovered that there are many things you can do that are green and that not only dont cost you money but let you save money. Moreover they really aren’t that hard to do!

I think what sometimes stops people from being green is the thought that someone’s going to look at them and think they’re stupid, a dork, a granola head, you name it. I remember in high school when I would collect all the pop cans people left after lunch and take them home to be recycled and people would stare. Somehow, even for someone who is by nature a people pleasure, that never seemed to bother me too much, if anything it motivated me.

So my tip for today is, don’t be afraid to be green. Don’t be afraid to pick up garbage (and get some change back), or buy the funny looking CFL bulbs, skip a shower, get magazines on loan from the library or pour cat litter on your driveway. If someone looks at you funny, just say “Hey, this is saving me money!”

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3 thoughts on “Green Tip #100: Don’t be Afraid to be Green

  1. Great job on reaching the milestone of 100 tips. Well done!

    As for this post, I like your comment of saying “Hey, this is saving me money!” It’s one that resonates with me, though those words don’t work with everyone. That’s ok, you can learn a lot about someone by how they react to others attempts to save money (and do well environmentally).

    Personally, while I don’t at all like to skip showers (just my own choice), I have borrowed magazines from the library. An eclectic mix of The Economist, Entrepreneur, and a Vegeterian magazine came home with me once, and was well worth it. Good opportunity to learn while spending nothing. Hard to beat that.

    1. And this is what we try to espouse here on this site. Pick and choose what works for YOU. We do a lot, but not every last thing that is possible to be done. We DO own a car and we DO have some window air conditioners. We just want to tell people about how you can indeed save money by being green and the areas in your life where you choose green often have a savings spin.

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