Green Tip #101: Group Your Errand Runs

We all have errands to run, whether they be groceries or getting the garden tools on sale at the local hardware store or buying a mattress on sale to replace that old one in the guest bedroom. For most of these types of errands you need a vehicle. And if its anything like here, your gas prices are going up and up and UP! That is why, now, more than ever, we try to group our errands together so we hit up as many of the errands in one particular area in one outing, thus saving gas and lets face it, energy too! Who wants to spend every night running errands?

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3 thoughts on “Green Tip #101: Group Your Errand Runs

  1. This is probably the best way to save gas right now. Not to mention all of the time that you will save from not having to make multiple trips. Sounds like a win-win across the board to me.

    1. Another argument for walkability as a factor when buying a home. So many suburbs exist and i’ve read a lot of articles about how these suburbs may become slums in a few decades as peak oil hits and the price of gas makes living in suburbs prohibitive.

      1. Thanks for the information you had shared with us. Yeah, who would want to spend gas and money just to run errands. Great advice there, I’m gonna make sure to follow it. Cheers!

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