Green Tip #102 – eFile

>A few years ago the Canadian government introduced the option to eFile your tax return.  Basically you get your tax return in a .tax file format, get a special code from the government (essentially a password) and you can upload your tax return file directly through a secure connection.  So why would you bother?

  1. Save $0.52 (?) on a stamp by not mailing in the return.  Frugality on it’s finest.
  2. Save $0.10 (?) on an envelope.
  3. Save time not having to write the return or the envelope.
  4. Save time not having to walk to a mailbox.
  5. Save paper!  No return (they sure are big!) or envelope.
  6. Save you fiance.  Ask George Costanza about this one.

>Check out our 365 Green Tips Series!

P.S. Apologies for the delay in our daily tips – we’ve had a death in the family and pumping out daily content has been hard to do.  We hope to get back on schedule soon.

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