Green Tip #103: Clean Out the Pantry

I come from a long line of soup makers. As you have read, we lost someone this week. My Oma, dutch grandmother, passed away. She was a great soup maker and so in honour of her I got out the soup pot and starting throwing things in. I had a can of chickpeas, and some leftover parsley, some pasta noodles Sustainable PF doesn’t like as well as some leftover frozen vegetables that weren’t quite enough to make a meal with but just enough for soup. Add to that some spices and about 1.5 hrs on simmer and voila an awesome soup, a cleaner pantry and I didn’t buy a thing!

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2 thoughts on “Green Tip #103: Clean Out the Pantry

  1. Great tip. We often clean out our pantry for some easy and tasty meals. We love soups because they are so versatile. You really can turn anything into a soup.

    While cleaning out the pantry I also clean out part of my freezer of veggie scraps which I use for broth.

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