Green Tip #112: Match Your Water to Your Laundry Load

The great thing about washing machines today is that you have so many options for how to clean your clothes. One thing I always keep in mind is how full is the drum and therefore what water setting should I start the machine at. You only need enough water to get everything wet and then rinse out the soap. This tip will be even more beneficial to us when our water starts being metered.

10 thoughts on “Green Tip #112: Match Your Water to Your Laundry Load

  1. I admit that I am pretty bad at this! I generally always just assume that I should put the washer on the “full” setting. Do you know how to tell where in the washer the water level comes up to at each of the “small,” “medium,” and “large” settings?

  2. I am not really good at this since my wife does all the washing chores. So what if the washing machine tells you that it has the capacity of 6kgs, does it mean 6kgs of clothes to be put in the machine or 6kgs is already the weight of clothes with the water?

    Wilfred J. Yingling

  3. Hi there,

    I’m not really particular with the kinds of washing machine. However, how do you say that that they are front load or so forth? Just want to know the distinction.


  4. Great tip for conserving water. Something else to consider in addition to not using too much water is the amount of soap you use. Most people tend to use way too much soap. Be sure to check the directions on the laundry soap. The water doesn’t have to be filled with suds for the soap to do its job.

  5. I work at an animal shelter. We use several washers to clean very soiled blankets and bedding. We also need to be conscience of utility costs, so we use high efficiency front loaders. It’s really quite amazing how well these machines clean with such a small amount of water.

  6. What sort of savings can be made by reducing your water usage, is it substantial? Should it be high on the priority list?

  7. Simon –

    It depends on how many loads per day and whether or not you are on a municipal water system. If you are on a municipal water system you are paying for all that water to be dumped and processed. In our case at a county animal shelter it adds up to around $65/mo or about $800 a year

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