Green Tip #115: Choose a Safe Kettle

As you know I love a good cup of tea. Recently I bought a new kettle. The old one, which still works perfectly fine, is made of plastic and that just started to really worry me-I use non-plastic containers whenever I can to store my food and beverages, why was I using a plastic receptacle to heat water? I keep reading about how heating plastic is bad, so this plastic kettle no longer made sense to me. I got the new kettle on sale and the fact that it is made of stainless steel makes me feel better as I sip my tea. I find this new kettle actually heats up faster than the plastic one did, so I’m using less energy plus from what I have heard from friends and co-workers, the stainless steel kettle will last longer, making it a more sustainable purchase.

2 thoughts on “Green Tip #115: Choose a Safe Kettle

  1. Hold on – I have paid over $100 for a tea kettle and also paid less than $10 – and everything inbetween.
    No matter what type, brand or cost, they all burned !

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