Green Tip #116: Load the Dishwasher Intelligently

Prior to buy our home I had bought a house, my first, just prior to meeting Mrs. SPF.  While I could afford the home ownership costs, the house had 4 bedrooms and a separate den I didn’t have use for.  The den had a 3 piece bathroom attached to it so this was a great opportunity to rent it out to a university student for a cool $425 a month.  The only inconvenience was that we shared the laundry, and unfortunately, the kitchen.  My first tenant was a slob and didn’t care about anyone’s belongings other than her own.  That being said, the thing that drove me the most crazy was how stupidly she would put dishes into the dishwasher.  I constantly readjusted how she placed dishes and even spoke to her about plates and pots on the bottom and cups and glasses on the top.  But she never loaded the dishwasher intelligently – not once.  Looking back, I was being lazy (as I had to empty the machine and it was a chore) but I also think the inner-green-nerd knowing that wasting space in the dishwasher means more loads which uses more water and more power to run the machine.

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