Green Tip #123: Follow Garment Instructions

I always check garment labels before I wash a new (or new to me)¬†piece of clothing. While I don’t always follow them to a tee, I do pay special attention to those that say wash by hand and do not put in dryer. I really can’t say that I enjoy washing clothes by hand very much (in part because I washed a couple of loads this way when our washer broke down) but I do do it for certain garments, usually really nice pieces that I have received as a gift.¬† And of course for all of us women, there are those regular everyday items that require hand washing: bras. I must admit I dont usually hand wash mine but I do not put them in the dryer. Following garment instructions really prolongs the life of your clothes, so is a sustainable, if sometimes tiresome choice.

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6 thoughts on “Green Tip #123: Follow Garment Instructions

  1. All machine washable clothing will, in fact, last longer if washed by hand. I’m slowly working my way towards hand washing all of our “smalls”, at least. If nothing else, knowing how to hand wash clothing is a useful skill.

  2. Because most labels don’t use words anymore but rather icons that I am never sure I’m interpreting correctly, I went online and found a key that shows each icon and its meaning in English (I didn’t save the URL, but it can be found easily with a Google search). I printed that out and stuck it on the wall next to my washing machine for easy reference.

  3. I use those mesh bags for my delicates and they work great for the washing machine. I too don’t dry them. Thanks for the tip.

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