Green Tip #125: Watch it Online

Got an old TV? Got a new TV? I bet that your laptop or netbook still uses less power than both of these. I started watching TV shows online a while back mostly because my favourite shows are on too late for me to watch! It’s nice to know its also a green choice.

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8 comments to Green Tip #125: Watch it Online

  • optionsdude

    I never really thought about the laptop being a more green option than a TV. What a great tip. I have tried watching some things on TV, like some of the NHL games since I can work online and multitask during commercials and can’t always find them on the dish. I have considered getting rid of the dish as a money saving option since we really don’t watch that much TV but I do like catching sports when possible.

  • Of course you know I’m going to show up with a shameless plug for my Free Internet TV for Canadians guide.

    So there it was =) Never really thought of it being a greener alternative though. Good to know!

  • Freelancepf

    Great tip and definitely should consume less energy. We do not have a Tv anymore (well we have one–just don’t get any television channels on it) so we spend a lot of time on our computers. A lot. Hope you guys are doing great!

  • Brandon

    It is important to remember that this lesson does not extend to a desktop computer.

    The saving is not substantial, but I suppose it could add up over time. It looks to me like saying 30 watts per hour for a laptop is fairly average. TVs vary a lot, but an LCD HDTV would not be unrealistic at 150 watts per hour. This means you save a KWh of energy usage every 8 1/3 hours of TV watching. I do not have a good source for this data, but I have seen stuff saying the average American watches 5 hours of TV per day (jeez), for a savings of 18KWh per month or… $2.02 per month in energy savings at my local utility rates.

    My math:
    (LCD usage – Laptop Usage)/1000*(hours of tv per month)*(utility cost per kwh)
    Feel free to plug in your own numbers.

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