Green Tip #127: Canned Soup to Work

There is a great soup place¬†downtown which I love. They make about 5 different kinds of soup every day and you can get a fresh bun to go with it. It reminds me of the homemade soup I grew up with…but not quite as good of course! The cost is $5 which is quite reasonable but can add up when I want to eat this soup every day! So one option is of course to bring my own homemade soup to work and reheat it for lunch. Now I don’t always have the time to do that so instead I stock up on cans of soup when they are on sale. I look for ones with lots of veggies and that are also low in sodium. Makes for great inexpensive healthy lunches in between my visits to the soup place.

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3 thoughts on “Green Tip #127: Canned Soup to Work

  1. We enjoy soup for lunch too. I try to combine store sales with coupons and then stock up the pantry for quite a while.

  2. I think many would argue that it would be not only cheaper but more sustainable to take the time to make your own soup.

    Also, I am not sure how a can of Healthy Choice compares to a quality restaurant soup…

    1. Welcome to our site Brandon.

      We strive to balance sustainable living, our personal finances and our time.
      I agree – making your own soup is the healthiest option. It may not be cheaper than some store bought soups though, and, the time invested can be attributed a financial value. I find getting a soup nice and flavourful means I need to let it simmer a good while which is adding to our electric bill. When we are at work our employer deals with the micro power usage. We do make a lot of soup from scratch but when we don’t have time to do so, getting a can with clearly identified ingredients and nutritional information works.

      As for the can vs the restaurant – again a balance. $5 vs $1 – and we don’t really know what the restaurant is adding to their soup in terms of quantity of ingredients.

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