Green Tip #129: Brushing Your Dog Outside

It was a beautiful weekend here. Sun, trees dotted with bright green leaf buds and flowers everywhere in bloom. This is the time of year I start helping

brushing your dog
Freya at our Cottage

the birds with their nest making. How? Well most of the year I brush our dog inside. However when it gets warm I take her out on the front porch and begin the hour long process of making her fluffy and mat free. Brushing your dog outside means that any bits of fur I don’t catch and put in my bag  fly through the air and eventually end up in local birds nests or biodegrades like compost. What this also means however is a lot less dander and hair in the house which isn’t good for anyone to breathe in and of course brushing your dog outside means less vacuuming…which I don’t like to do and takes up my energy and electricity.

How do you handle brushing your dog?

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2 thoughts on “Green Tip #129: Brushing Your Dog Outside

  1. Good tip. I was never allowed a dog because the one’s I liked, shed and the one’s that didn’t shed, I disliked!

  2. we are lucky enough to live in az where its always warm enough to brush him outside and yes the birds do tend to grab his discarded glory

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