Green Tip #131: Use a Kitchen Apron

Most people use a kitchen apron to cook. This is a great idea since it keeps your clothes clean and clear of sometimes irremovable stains. The other thing you can do with an apron is wear it to dinner. Now of course you may not want to do this when you have company over but for anyone who is the least bit clumsy and sometimes drops food on themselves (like me!), its well worth it when you aren’t trying to impress guests. Sustainable PF calls it my bib. Wearing my “bib” has saved some nice pairs of pants from labor to make your own cleaning products and the subsequent laundry. I think in some instances the dark stain would not have come out of the white or beige pants, had the kitchen apron not been there.  That would have meant producing waste clothing and having to buy a new pair of pants.

Do you use a kitchen apron?

(Please note that SPF is not depicted in the picture)
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3 thoughts on “Green Tip #131: Use a Kitchen Apron

  1. I really should use an apron but the thought does cross my mind. However I also don’t seem to ever get that dirty.

    What I have fallen in love with though is cloth napkins. They are easy to wash and do they ever feel great on the hands and face. I don’t think I can ever go back to paper napkins; unless I am at someone else’s house where I won’t have a choice.

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