Green Tip #132: Double Up Planning Events

Sustainable PF and I have a pretty packed summer. Lots of birthdays and weddings and festivals and house renovations and yes some down time at the beach (and cottage!) too. Needless to say its going to be another hectic summer. One thing that makes life a bit easier is when people double up celebrations and planning events. For example some people in my family have birthdays within weeks of each other so we have one party and celebrate them altogether. This reduces the need to travel for each party (hooray to saving on gas and improving fuel mileage – especially these days) and you can do one meal and everyone can pitch in. You’ll save money on travel, food costs and put less exhaust into the atmosphere. Moreover chances are everyone will be happier at this one big party as opposed to cranky travellers at each individual one.

Do you like planning events in conjunction with other similar events or gatherings?  Tell us how!

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3 thoughts on “Green Tip #132: Double Up Planning Events

  1. I have a birthday in February and so do three of our kids so that celebration is grouped into one big party but with only one cake. It certainly has helped my waistline over the years. I can only imagine how bad it would be had I had several more pieces of cake over the years.

  2. My fiance’s birthday is 9 days before mine so we plan a date in the middle and celebrate both our birthdays at the same time.

    We pay for one nice dinner out instead of two… We only have to make one birthday cake… and the decorations we put up get to stay around a bit longer and get to be enjoyed all the more.

    My friends and i also have a lot of birthdays all grouped around in May… so when we are all in the area we just plan one big gathering, invite all our friends and do one big backyard BBQ style get together. Everyone pitches in and brings something and its a blast.

    This way no one has to take multiple days off from work… or worry about trying to attend multiple parties planned for the same weekend. We all save money and enjoy our time out… and don’t have to do it twice, three times, or even 4.

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