Green Tip #134: Use Eco Friendly Paint

I finally started painting the master bedroom in our home today. We have spent a lot of time on this room since even before we moved in. It was covered in striped purple wallpaper and I stripped that all down before moving day. I thought we could paint the room before we moved in but I discovered that the walls underneath had never been painted, they had never been finished, just plain drywall with all the lines in between boards showing. So once we moved in Sustainable PF spent many, many hours drywall mudding those walls and sanding them. Which brings me back to painting. Although we have used recycled paint before because it is cheaper, we decided not to go that way for this house mainly due to the fact that the colours are limited. Instead we purchased eco friendly paint which is low VOC paint. We actually got it on sale but even if you buy it full price you still don’t pay more than non eco friendly paint. The green side to this paint is that you are releasing fewer or no volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere (and your lungs)  as you paint. VOC’s have been linked to chronic health problems and smog and as part of our sustainable lifestyle we chose to use eco friendly paint.

Have you used eco friendly paint in your home improvement projects?

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4 thoughts on “Green Tip #134: Use Eco Friendly Paint

  1. Just did this in our basement actually! Was concerned about the paint fumes with our young child in the house and did some research and determined low VOC paint was the way to go.

    Actually decided to put off painting the upstairs bathroom, which really needs it until the weather gets better, we can freely open the windows, and we can take our daughter out of the house for the day.

    1. We had a similar concern given Mrs. SPF is pregnant. Windows were fine being open this past rainy weekend in our master bedroom – when you’re working the cool air is nice.

  2. Yes, you don’t want to underestimate paint fumes. When we bought our home we had the contractor touch up a very small spot, maybe an inch or two in diameter and it set off the smoke alarms to the point where we had to open windows and doors to get them to stop.

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