Green Tip #135: “Green” Nail Polish

By the title you might think I am suggesting you paint your nails green this summer. Well I have no idea if green is in, but regardless of what colour you choose, I suggest a nail polish that is environmentally friendly. It will not cost you more than the other reputable brands (I am not talking about the really cheap brands that go on like goop and look like it too) and yet you can breathe easier looking down at your coulourful nails. The ingredients in most nail polishes that you want to avoid are: DBP, formaldehyde and toluene which can cause skin irritation and birth defects in animals. Nicole is a brand that I have found at the drugstore here and it is at least free of DBP and formaldehyde. Moreover it does not test on animals.

What kind of “green” cosmetics have you used?

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2 thoughts on “Green Tip #135: “Green” Nail Polish

  1. I wish I could find a 100% green salon. There is a 90% green salon by my house that I go to where I get pedicures, waxing etc done. All of their products are home made and chemical free. However when I get my feet painted, the nail polish isn’t. Maybe one day there will be a place where no compromises are made.

  2. Interesting question, but I’m wondering if the sustainable cosmetics aren’t more concentrated in the retail market. It’s such a booming area these days, but if salons are going to “go green” they’ll need to raise their prices according to account for the increased cost. Unless a salon is in an area where sustainability is a selling point, the price rise is going to seriously cut into their business model.

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