Green Tip #138: Use Local Office Catering

I recently had a work team meeting day outside the office and we had lunch and morning and afternoon snacks brought in. The event organizers chose a local office catering service to provide the food. It was all delicious and I appreciated our employer supporting local businesses. Sure it’s possible to pick up trays of sandwiches, boxes of drinks and muffins at the local grocery store but I never find that they are as good as those prepared the day of your meeting by caterers and you usually don’t save any money buying from the box store. Moreover the local businesses usually offer organic, fair trade coffee and tea and sometimes even use local ingredients in their salads, soups and sandwiches. So next time you have an event at work or in your home life that needs catering I suggest using local office catering service – your tummy will thank you:)

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2 thoughts on “Green Tip #138: Use Local Office Catering

    1. It is frugal when compared to BUYING coffee (even junk like Tim’s) and it certainly is a sustainable practice. Moreover, I don’t see mention of frugality in that post … the post is about sustainability – support local businesses (instead of a conglomerate pizza join) and provide tasty fair trade organic beverages.

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