Green Tip #140: Stop Speeding

In this day of increasing fuel prices where people complain about gas prices more than they discuss the weather have you been thinking about how to save some money?  Well, trick number one is easy: Stop Speeding.  Slow down and obey the speed limit and you will save gas.  Did you know that when you drive faster your engine works harder and consumes more fuel?  Seems to make perfect sense yet on the highway people still fly by others like they’ve been lit on fire.  You can save about 10% on improved gas mileage every time you reduce your speed by 10 kilometers per hour (6 miles per hour).

Are you willing to stop speeding to save on fuel costs?

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3 thoughts on “Green Tip #140: Stop Speeding

  1. I’ll admit that I have a bit of a lead foot, but I’ve been trying to drive a little slower in the last few years to up my gas mileage. Fortunately I don’t drive very much so even though I’ve made only a little progress on slowing down I still only fill up every month or two.

    1. Since learning I will be a first time Dad in the fall i’ve slowed down on the highway. I get passed by most everyone, even some transports. I noticed our MPG went up on our recent trip (6.5 hrs each way) by slowing down.

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