Green Tip #141: Auto Maintenance

Want to know a simple way to save gas, improve gas mileage and vehicle repairs?  Answer: Auto Maintenance.  So get a tune up when your car needs one (older cars were every 5000km but these days cars need an oil change every 10,000km).  Making sure the fluids and moving parts in your engine and other integral vehicle systems will ensure that the fuel you burn is maximized and the need to buy replacement parts (from brake pads to transmission) will be greatly reduced.  You will save money on gas mileage and major repairs and your car will burn less CO2 and less parts will need to be manufactured.

Do you keep up with your auto maintenance?

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6 thoughts on “Green Tip #141: Auto Maintenance

  1. I must admit we are quite good in this department. We have a reminder in our calendar even. I guess that’s why we have one car that is 14 years old and still running like new.

  2. The main reason my two cars (16 & 14 yrs.old Hondas) are still going strong is maintenance. Routine oil changes and watching fluid levels. Aside from good MPG, I am extending the life of the cars.

    1. Our last car, an 02 Hyundai Accent was doing great when we sold it. But we needed cargo space so we upgraded. At 8 years old the Accent only had 65000 miles on it and we never had a mechanical issue with it. Good little car and I believe it would have lasted another 8 years, if not more.

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