Green Tip #147: Safe Bug Juice

As we’ve mentioned last weekend we were visiting my family. It was a terrific visit all except for the bugs who got to all of us. A mix of black flies and mosquitoes and we have the bite marks to prove it! Unfortunately we forgot to bring our bug repellent with us but we’ll be sure to do so on the next trip. I have never been a fan of big repellent because of the smell and the horrible taste if you accidentally get some in your mouth. So last year I was happy to find a natural bug repellent that I don’t have to worry about spraying on my body, especially now with lil’ SPF growing inside. We have purchased this product, which can be found for about $16 for 250mL. The regular bug spray with DEET will cost you a few dollars less but what you save in dollars you pay for in a lot more chemicals on your body. We have been in some very buggy areas and I can say that the citronella based product is just as effective as the less green kind.

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