Green Tip #148: Hit Up Garage Sales

We got up very early yesterday morning to check out an annual garage sale event only a couple of blocks away.  The proceeds from this garage sales go to non-profits. This event runs the entire street for at least 5 blocks.! We got a couple of plants, a glass jar and some tools and spent about $10. Garage sales are great ways to get stuff you need at a very reasonable price.

Street garage sales are great because it gets buyers out all at once, meaning less traffic and gas spent than if separate sales were done. Items that are bought are also recycled.  If your street is having a sale but you don’t want to or can’t participate consider contacting a local charity who may wish to use your driveway and the free advertising to sell some items and raise funds for their cause.

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6 thoughts on “Green Tip #148: Hit Up Garage Sales

  1. Our old block used to host a street-wide garage sale on Labor Day. It was much easier to lure shoppers to our sale with other sales going on at the same time. Of course, the prices tend to go down as the sale progresses. ;)

  2. i miss those days when i could go to garage sales and find great deals…. i love to go early in the day to get the best stuff

  3. I’ve never been much of one to go to garage sales although I think they are a fantastic way to save money and get reuse out of items instead of just throwing them in the trash.

    I have heard some pretty good stories of people scoring some amazing items for less than a buck at garage sales. I guess you have to know how to come in low and barter to be successful!

    1. thanks for the comment SavingMentor. I have never actually bartered at a garage sale since I have always found people’s prices to be quite reasonable, like $0.50 for a glass jar for pasta, can’t beat that!

  4. Going to garage sales and having garage sales is a child hood pastime for me. It was a treat to head out on a Saturday morning and go and see what we could find as kids at the garage sales. Pennies could get you tons.

    Things have changed though. They are huge neighbourhood affairs now that aren’t as personal as they used to be. However, due to some wasteful habits of some, you can get brand new stuff that hasn’t even been used at garage sales for a cheap dollar.

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