Green Tip #150: Tetra Packs

As you know Sustainable PF and I are hitting the road soon on a road trip. I loaded up on some road trip food items yesterday while doing the groceries. One item was juice packs. Although I know that one large bottle of juice and cups would be more eco friendly, we won’t have a cooler with us so that optionĀ is not feasible. Instead I bought juice tetra packs instead of juice bottles. Juice tetra packs will cost about the same or less than juice in bottles but they are more environmentally friendly to recycle.

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4 thoughts on “Green Tip #150: Tetra Packs

    1. Very true MissT. The other nice to thing about them is that they are a lot more durable and less likely to break than say glass juice bottles which is a good thing for road trips and camping.

  1. Great tip, this packaging is a good eco-friendly choice. I think it might take a bit of a shift in thinking of some folks here (in the U.S) to buy certain things in these packs – like milk, for example. However, they seem worth it when considering the greater good. I just bought a small container of soymilk in this type of packaging….no different than any other I bought in terms of taste!

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