Green Tip #152: Reuse Bags for Paint Brushes

As i’ve mentioned I have been painting and I often need to use the paint brush or the roller the next day. Instead of washing it out and having to wait for it to dry I put it in a plastic bag and seal it well. I have found that medium size bags like the ones you get from a bulk food store are really the best for this. They are just the right size and mean a good reuse of the bag that I otherwise struggle to find a purpose for.

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5 thoughts on “Green Tip #152: Reuse Bags for Paint Brushes

  1. You can also use plastic food wrappers for a better seal. I wrapped the paint brush up and threw it in the fridge the last time we painted. It works for rollers too. Probably not necessary to put in the fridge and I don’t know why I did that. :)
    We use those produce bags to line the small trashcans around the house.

  2. That is a good tip. I love saving my bags, and reuse them for lunch, for trash bags, and just about anything else (even to take when the dog needs a walk, if you know what I mean!).

    1. I thought you were joking at first that you reuse the bags you put your paintbrush in for lunch! :)

  3. My wife is the chief painter in our eco-house. When she wants to keep a paintbrush “fresh” for more than a day or two, she bags it like you said and puts it in the freezer. It takes only a few hours to thaw out. This way, she doesn’t waste paint cleaning out the brush after each usage.

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