Green Tip #153: Read the Screen

The beauty of the latest computers today whether it is a laptop, netbook, i-pad, etc is that they are all designed to be easier to read stuff off the screen so you don’t have to print off an e-mail, spreadsheet, memo, etc. Today for example I brought my laptop with me to three meetings and read the material off the screen as we reviewed it so no need to print off. If you print a lot of documents from home, reading off the screen can save you both paper and ink, which isn’t cheap.

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4 thoughts on “Green Tip #153: Read the Screen

  1. Yes, maybe they have become easier to read compared to older models, but what about the argument that reading from a computer screen still isn’t really that healthy for your eyes?

    e-readers such as Kindle appear to be better though, as it seems that they make the screens differently from iPads, laptops, etc.

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