Green Tip #154: Re-fill the Ink Cartridges

We have a printer at home but have not used it in quite some time, probably since I was a student. If and when we do start to use it again I will have to get some new ink for it. Instead of buying new ink cartridges I am going to head to the local shop where you an refill ink cartridges. It does still cost money of course but much less than a whole new ink cartridge. Moreover re-filling your ink cartridge (which you can do about 3 times before it is done) reduces the amount of waste going to landfill.

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5 thoughts on “Green Tip #154: Re-fill the Ink Cartridges

  1. I used to refill my own ink cartridges but not at ink refill places. I would either buy the refill ink at an online store or on Ebay and do it myself.

    One thing you have to be aware of, especially with Epson printers, is that non-genuine ink can eventually ruin your printer. I had this happen to me before but I think the amount of money I saved on the ink refills up until that point probably saved me more than the cost of the printer.

    Now I either buy genuine ink from Ebay because it’s cheaper or buy prefilled compatible cartridges. It’s a bit more money than refilling yourself but still a lot cheaper than buying genuine ink. I think it is actually cheaper than using the island ink places to do refills as well. I just started refilling my own toner as well, which is pretty easy to do.

  2. With the low cost of laser printers these days, I would argue that they are much better value for your dollar. And the toner cartridges don’t dry up over time like ink tanks. Considering the cost of laser printers these days, I’m surprised they even make ink-based printers (i.e. Inkjet) anymore.

  3. Ola! Sustainablepersonalfinance,
    On a similar note,, When purchasing a new inkjet printer for the first time, most people are impressed by what they get for the comparative low cost of this fascinating technology.

  4. Hi Sustainablepersonalfinance,
    Thanks, on a related note, Replacing printer ink cartridges is costly, and it can easily increase the printing cost in the long run. The following tips can help you make ink cartridges last longer.

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